Zuffa Solidifies Powerhouse Position as WEC & UFC Merge

Zuffa has announced the long awaited merger of the UFC and the WEC, arguably the world?s two premier MMA organisations. Zuffa has owned the WEC since 2006, when it purchased the organisation to stop potential competition as the WEC, VERSUS TV and the International Fight League (IFL) were poised to complete a deal. (Roy ?Big… Continue reading »

TUF ? Jiu Jitsu Takeover & UFC 121

Wow, my UFC 120 predictions don’t look so hot right now do they! Ever a glutton for punishment, here are some picks for UFC 121 – it’s lucky I’m not a betting man! Lesnar V Velasquez – Don’t get me wrong, I love Cain, he is clearly the future, but I think this step up… Continue reading »

UFC 120 at the O2, You Going?!

My UFC 120 Picks…

My Favourite Whey Protein from Reflex

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3 Essential Supplements you need at My Protein

…Many people ask me where to actually purchase supplements, what supplements I’d recommend, especially protein supplements, and why. This article shows you the 3 most essential supplements that can be purchased from a very competitive online supplement store in the UK. All I ask is if you find my writing useful, and you make an order, please use my discount code MP51873 which will givce you 5% off your order. Add JamesSchofieldTraining Twitter – @JSchofTraining for daily tips and useful articles related to all things training, supplement, fitness, weight loss and MMA wise.