Private Lesson with Saenchai & Bernard Radin, Muay Thai Legends! Then, Malaysia

Private Muay Thai lessons with Saenchai and Bernard Radin, oh my days haha!

Saenchai Clinching with Oron at Sinbi Muay Thai

Short vid of Saenchai clinching at Sinbi Muay Thai, Nai Harn, Phuket. I apologise sincerely about the rotation, I blame Apple – seriously why rotate a video on the screen but not in the recording software, how retarded is that. I know Apple use quicktime so you wouldn’t expect it to be any good but… Continue reading »

Drills with Saenchai, Sinbi Pictures, Learning Thai & SUN!

As much as I’m sure you don’t want to hear it, Thailand is just getting better and better – it’d be good if I was staying out here for longer! Made both the morning and afternoon sessions today, even though I feel kind of worn out and sluggish, (afternoon padwork was almost embarrassing) but I’m… Continue reading »

Pictures! Monsoon Rain, Bangla Stadium and Massage Girl Fights

It’s been a day or two since my last update, time has started to fly as I knew it would. It’s also been an entertaining couple of days. Been making the most of my time though, getting out of the room and chilling with the locals. Went to Bangla stadium in Patong on Friday night… Continue reading »

The Only ?Gas Station? for Miles!

Hahahahaha ok well everything connection wise and life wise has been disrupted, the monsoon relentlessly and shamelessly pelts Phuket; it rained solidly from about 3pm till 9-10pm last night with varying degrees of downpour. If you consider a gauge from ‘midgets would drown in seconds’ to ‘ok this is still freaking wet, give me a… Continue reading »

Saenchai Sor Kingstar at Sinbi Muay Thai Camp, Phuket

Ah, now we’re in business. Aside from my complete pig of a day yesterday, I got myself to afternoon training and obviously the endorphin release did me a lot of good. The training,whilst great, didn’t so much as I obviously hurt like hell all over. I’m hoping the foot holds up… Rise and shine at… Continue reading »

Air Asia Lost Baggage FAIL, Training @ Sinbi Muay Thai

Quick one from me while I wait to go for my first training session at Sinbi Muay Thai, and more importantly sit in the longest Air Asia queue ever – I’m currently 150 odd in a queue, down from 225 or so. Think my laptop battery will die before I get to talk to someone.… Continue reading »

@JSchofTraining in Malaysia, UFC 122 & David Haye

Hello from the otherside of the world! Unless you?re from Asia or related to me, in which case; er just hello? This is a historical moment, being the first time JamesSchofieldTraining has been updated from outside the UK! Well I figured that it would be an effective middle finger up at those of you that… Continue reading »