Happy Sunday everyone! A big challenge many people face is that they simply find it hard to get good amounts of protein in their diet without massively overeating or eating so much that they can’t see the body fat changes that they want! A consistent question I’m often asked is ‘How Can I get More… Continue reading »

Guest Blogging continues – new articles up.

Two new articles from me up this week on other websites – I just had a guest article published at Spa Breaks, titled ‘Five Exercises to Start Doing this Summer’, check it out today! 5 Exercises to Start Doing this Summer And another at My Fresh Perspective, which is on the main page. Tweet This… Continue reading »

Summer is coming!

Hi everyone, How are you all doing?! There have been some issues with the website and hosting stuff but I’m very pleased to say that James Schofield Training is now back fully online! I spent the weekend at Body Power 2015, here are some random pics and of course me hack squatting at car for… Continue reading »