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Behind the scenes work still ongoing at JamesSchofieldTraining.co.uk,  but here’s an actual article!

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Onto the article:

…Many people ask me where to actually purchase supplements, what supplements I’d recommend, especially protein supplements, and why. In fact to say a lot is an understatement and so for this reason, this post is dedicated to a website called MyProtein. I actually source my supplements from a fair few other supplement stores too, and when more specific articles are posted they’ll feature links direct to my favourite products and recommended supplements, which you’ll be able to purchase direct ? take the supplements I take, that many of my training partners take.

For now though, all I ask of you if you DO purchase from MyProtein.co.uk is that you use my referral code ‘MP51873‘. Not only will this make me warm and fuzzy inside and also make my ears tingle a little, it?ll also SAVE YOU 5% off your order. Yes 5% is only 5%, but it?s better than getting punched in the face right?! (Muay Thai specialists and boxers need not answer that.) After becoming well known originally for offering good quality whey protein at a frankly unbeatable price, they have now branched out into many (many) products, as well as (unfortunately) some increased prices, but there are still good deals to be had, and the Impact Whey Protein is definitely one of those.

Here are my Top 3 picks from MyProtein.co.uk and I can recommend them to just about anyone – I’ve picked products male, female, young and old will find useful:

1. Impact Whey Protein – High quality whey protein, pure and simple. Relatively low in carbs and with almost no fat, the flavoured protein powders not only taste great, but they also mix well and even taste fine in water. You can’t really go wrong here!

2. ZMA is a trademarked supplement comprised of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6. Famous in the sport supplement and nutrition world, it was developed by Victor Conte, founder of BALCO Labs in California. If you remember around 2002, BALCO was involved in a scandal accused of supplying steroids to Major League Baseball stars in America, most notably MLB all time great, Barry Bonds. Bonds however, never tested positive.

ZMA is useful, in simple terms, for those training consistently hard, which is what you?ll want to be doing to see results. Shown in both US SEAL trainees after 5 days of continuous physical and psychological stress and a (BALCO funded) study of over 250 NFL players, including the entire Denver Broncos Super Bowl team and the Miami Dolphins, conclusions were drawn that levels of zinc and magnesium were between 23% and 33% lower than the ?normal range? in over 70% of those studied. The body would create more testosterone without these deficiencies, and as we know, more testosterone equals more muscle mass. A study on NCAA players taking ZMA showed 30% increases in testosterone levels after 8 weeks. The placebo group found their testosterone falling by 10%.

Arguably, the most useful aspect of ZMA is the improved sleep which results in the majority ? I?ve spoken personally to people that feel fantastic after just 4 hours sleep, because they argue ZMA makes them sleep more restfully, dream more vividly, and wake up feeling ready to go. The simple fact is, the better sleep quality you enjoy, the more repair and growth your body will tackle.  I don’t always ake it before I sleep, because I dream so vividly any slight noise or light will wake me up, which sucks!

3. The last of the three was harder to choose, because all supplements depend most importantly on what you as a person need or require. It?s for those reasons I?ve chosen the above two ^ and on that note, supplement 3 is creatine monohydrate.

Creatine is probably the most studied sports supplement ever. Good, bad, good, bad, good, bad, it?s had more than it?s fair share of ups n downs. I?m going to make this simple, and succinct.

Creatine is produced by the body. Supplementing it simply increases your creatine levels. It can or can not be cycled, however personally I feel everything (aside from protein) should be cycled to stay as natural as possible. Creatine is available in monohydrate, and creatine ethyl ester (CEE), in both powder and tablet form. There is scientific evidence that creatine use can increase maximum power by 5%-15%. Yes, it does mean that your muscles take on more water, and increase in size due to the water volume. Now, the science:

Adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) is what everything is broken down into to use as ‘energy’. When you work hard, you use ATP. Bench pressing, squatting, running 100 metres, anything that requires a large force output and work from the body needs ATP. Muscle cells can unfortunately only hold a small amount of ATP, and it runs out quickly – Creatine basically makes more ATP available, which means you can work harder, and for longer, which, if training properly, results in the muscle fibers growing back bigger than before.

So, next time someone tells you that creatine just ‘gives you water bloat’, just walk off, you know better. We live in an ignorant world. Have a fanastic weekend everyone, and don’t forget to add @JSchofTraining on Twitter!