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  • Warm Up, because you aren’t f**king stupid.

    I write a lot of workouts for a lot of people. I’ve trained and lifted weights or done martial arts with a lot of people. I even advise a lot of people. One thing is common – the ones in better body ‘shape’ (e.g. effective mobility, flexibility, fewer chronic issues and old nagging injuries) are… Continue reading »

  • Summer is coming!

    Hi everyone, How are you all doing?! There have been some issues with the website and hosting stuff but I’m very pleased to say that James Schofield Training is now back fully online! I spent the weekend at Body Power 2015, here are some random pics and of course me hack squatting at car for… Continue reading »

  • My reply to the post 3 Ways to Develop Explosiveness for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Hi everyone, Spotted a post on my Facebook from some fellow Nova Forca warriors and the video compelled me to reply immediately. You can check out the original post here: The article itself is basic and poses no issue, but the video at the bottom of the page that they have embedded meant I needed… Continue reading »

  • Females – Fighting Your Underarm Fat

    Women, do you need help fighting your upper arm fat or dreaded ‘bingo wings’? I have had many questions regarding the upper arms and most recently a question came in on my Facebook group (James Schofield Fitness Training) so I thought a proper post would apply to many! (Paraphrased) Question: “I’m on a bit of… Continue reading »

  • 3 Essential Supplements you need at My Protein

    …Many people ask me where to actually purchase supplements, what supplements I’d recommend, especially protein supplements, and why. This article shows you the 3 most essential supplements that can be purchased from a very competitive online supplement store in the UK. All I ask is if you find my writing useful, and you make an order, please use my discount code MP51873 which will givce you 5% off your order. Add JamesSchofieldTraining Twitter – @JSchofTraining for daily tips and useful articles related to all things training, supplement, fitness, weight loss and MMA wise.