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Thank you for visiting us here at JamesSchofieldTraining.co.uk. Whether you’re interested in weight training, fat loss, building muscle and gaining weight, improving your workout program or learning about diet, supplements, nutrition or simply what foods to eat and why, James Schofield Training can provide specialised workout advice and nutrition information to help you reach your goals. Improve your training techniques, fitness levels or work to improve for your specific sport here with us!

James Schofield March 2012
James Schofield March 2012

James Schofield March 2012

James Schofield has been interested in weight training and the health and fitness industry since before the age of 18, and is now a fully qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer (via YMCA FIT). After being enthusiastic across all sports whilst growing up, his first love was Rugby until a car accident shattered his left femur. Now, he is an MMA fanatic has also been training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 3 years, and by day he is a personal trainer working for <a href=”http://www.multiworks.net”>Multi Works Personal Training</a> in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

“It’s simply amazing to me how little people know about why and how they should be training and eating to actually realise the changes they desperately want to make. Similarly, the fitness articles that are all over the Internet written by the ‘experts’ often cause confusion or simply provide impractical information. There really is no substitute for working hard and being consistent. If you take one positive idea and change from JamesSchofieldTraining.co.uk, and act on it to get the results you’re after, this is enough to make me happy!” If u have a question, please get in touch!


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