Air Asia Lost Baggage FAIL, Training @ Sinbi Muay Thai

Quick one from me while I wait to go for my first training session at Sinbi Muay Thai, and more importantly sit in the longest Air Asia queue ever – I’m currently 150 odd in a queue, down from 225 or so. Think my laptop battery will die before I get to talk to someone. I would phone them, except the two numbers they stamped onto my ‘lost baggage’ form both don’t work. This trip is just amazing right now :\ Air Asia lost my one and only checked bag on the Kuala Lumpur to Phuket morning flight, which was only about half full, and it’s quite jarring as I’ve had to re-buy some Muay Thai stuff, (extra 20 quid wasted) and more worryingly, the adaptor for all my electronic equipment was packed in that bag. So, if you never hear from me again lol, that’s why.

I’ve also checked in at the very reasonable Green Valley Resort in Phuket, Thailand, which is costing me 800 Baht a night. It has a little pool that I’d like to use if Air Asia ever find my bag.

Oh, I also had to spend a painful 10 minutes on the phone to Nationwide after I used my card to withdraw cash in Thailand, and they ‘temporarily blocked it’. Why do banks do this? The whole point of the account is so you can withdraw money anywhere else in the world, why do companies always insist that they know better? If I lose the card, I’ll ring you my bloody self thanks. Almost was stuck in Patong with no way of getting down to the camp.


Saenchai, probably the best Muay Thai fighter around now

I’ll grab some pictures of Sinbi when I can and let you know about the training. There was only one spot free at the accommodation when I turned up, it is busy busy and apparently current Thai legend Saenchai is coming to visit tomorrow. Important I get to training then! Hopefully the afternoon session today will be a good way to end the worst single travelling day I’ve ever had in terms of stuff going wrong. Grrrrrr.