Beach Body Free Daily Tips Guide Day 2

Hey everyone, who’s following the beach body tips then? Hit like / share or comment below if you are! It’s time to see who’s really playing here to work and who isn’t!

If you are taking part in this and have taken your photos yesterday, keep them somewhere safe so that you are easily able to compare your progress at the end. If you’re proud of your results and send them in to me to use I’ll sort out some prizes or something at the end! All progress is important and you can stay anonymous if you’d prefer!

So let’s weed out the fakers shall we… It’s time to get serious.

To get results and see changes in your body, you’re going to learn how to make better food choices and learn about basic training. Half the effort, double the results remember.

***Nutrition Task:***

I want you to take a picture of your dinner! And anything you eat this evening. If you eat it, you have to take a picture of it. Simple!

***Exercise Task:***

Today, your task takes literally 10 minutes. ALL you have to do, is move. Show me you’re serious and put aside 10 minutes today to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Either go for a jog, a walk, do a few runs up and down the stairs, or maybe some bodyweight exercises like squats and push ups for those that know how to do them.

Therefore, you have taken pictures of what you’re eating, and you’ve done 10 minutes of ANY kind of exercise today. I want you then to send ME the info from today’s tasks – either Facebook message it to me privately, or post it directly as a reply to this thread. Send pictures of what you’ve eaten and a short sentence with the exercise YOU did. I’ll keep the pictures and exercises, which we’ll use later on (anonymity is fine!) all towards healthier food choices and subsequent fat loss.

From there, I can see who is actually interested in this, and I can tailor the ongoing nutrition tips and workout ideas so they are more effective for you all.

No more excuses, time is ticking.

Steak - protein - eggs - protein and fat - potatoes - carbs - fruit -carbs

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