Beach Body Daily Workout and Nutrition Tips

Happy Tuesday everyone. How was your eating and training over the weekend? Time to get going again!

***Exercise Task***

Today’s workout is going to feature a range of bodyweight exercises that will challenge your body in a new way but allow you rest so you can really attack each set hard! Simple, but sucky I believe is the term I’ve used when telling clients about some of these…

Warm up for 2 minutes however you like, jogging on the spot is great or try skipping! See my article.

Once warm, you’re going to perform each exercise for a minute as hard as you possibly can, before resting for 45 seconds and then moving onto the next exercise!

Bodyweight Squats for 1 minute
>Rest 45 seconds
Push Up on floor for 1 minute – as soon as you reach failure change to push ups on knees
> Rest 45 seconds
High Knees for 1 minute as fast as you can

Rest 2 minutes.

Bodyweight Squats for 1 minute
>Rest 45 seconds
Top position plank hold (like at the top of a push up) – 1 minute
>Rest 45 seconds
Mountain Climbers for 1 minute as fast as you can

Beginners, do the whole thing once. Everyone else do it twice. If you want to tell everyone about it, do 3 rounds. Enjoy!

Mountain Climbers!

Mountain Climbes torch fat and calories!

***Nutrition ***

What were you drinking over the weekend? What are you drinking now? Thanks for the questions and posts on the last couple of days!

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