Daily Free Beach Body Workout and Nutrition Tips!

Noms! Chicken Bacon and fresh vegetables in a wrap

How is everyone feeling today? You’ve had your first real taste now of the changes you need to be making to move forward. Now it’s time to continue learning and putting into practice. Hopefully you don’t have much soreness yet, your muscles just feel like they’ve started to do something?!

*** Nutrition Task ***

You’ve had a few days to adjust, now it’s time to make sure you’re accountable. More protein, cut carbs, no snacks. Now, let’s consider drinks…

If you drunk alcohol this weekend, what did you go for? The best drinks for your body (in terms of calories) are vodka, fresh lime and soda. (If you say ‘lime’ you’ll get lime cordial, which is a lot of sugar, so make sure you ask for fresh lime!)

When you’re NOT on a night out, the only drinks you are allowed are the following…


No additional sugar, herbal and green tea is best but I’m trying to make the transition easier for you!

Many people don’t realise that by drinking a glass of juice they are taking in around 50g of sugar. Juice isn’t very healthy, and shouldn’t be drunk often. Blame marketers for lying to you.

*** Exercise Task ***

Today we are going to be doing our first workout using your body as resistance! The last few days have been to ease you in and prepare you for an actual workout. You can do it at home, at work (lol) or outside in the park or your garden!

Spend 2-3 minutes warming up – warming up is important and you need to do it EVERY single time you’re going to work out. Essentially you want to get your body moving, so a brisk walk with arm rotations for 1 minute before jogging for another minute should be great!

Once you’re warm, the workout is as follows –

10 bodyweight squats / 1 push up
9 bodyweight squats / 2 push ups
8 bodyweight squats / 3 push ups

All the way down to 1 squat 10 push ups. If you can’t do that many push ups – I want you to do what you can in the full push up position. When you fail, switch to doing push ups on your knees to work your upper body.

For beginners, go through everything once. If you’re advanced do the circuit TWICE. It’s totally ok if you get halfway through and can’t carry on, or you find it easy and want to go through 3 or 4 times you can!

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