Gonzo Fit with K-SWISS, UFC & WEC Superstar Urijah Faber

As we all know MMA is now well and truly engrained in worldwide society. Previously the biggest fight sport on the planet was boxing, or the ‘Sweet Science’, and although it still carries bigger PPV $$$’s and has standout talents including Manny Pacquio, Flloyd Mayweather and Audley Harrison (joke) at the top of the proverbial tree, that tree’s retracting at an alarming rate.

Everyone in the world knows about MMA. If they haven’t tried it, they’ve seen it. And if they haven’t seen it, well they’ve heard of it, or have of a friend who ‘does it’. And if at the very least they’re clueless about it, they still will feel the need to comment on it whenever watching it. The omnipotent comment from friends’ mouths is definitely, ‘why doesn’t he just get up‘ when watching grappling unfold. Oh if only it was so easy.

Urijah Faber, Gonzo Fit

Urijah Faber, Gonzo Fit with K Swiss

Anyway, this brings me nicely on topic: Though not something I’d usually do, I got sent through a pretty awesome snippet from a friend of mine – it focuses on Gonzo Fit, the new initiative (read marketing campaign) from K-SWISS, which follows UFC and WEC superstar Urijah Faber as he trains a green recruit and puts him through some basic skills training. The video itself appears to be the start of a mini-series, whereby we’ll follow Jamie Howard and his training progress.

Urijah ‘California Kid’ Faber shows exactly why he is the UFC’s most marketable lightweight fighter (the only personality who comes close is Benson Henderson) and though not particularly insightful, it’s a nice start to the series. Check out all the media and 10 minute video¬†Gonzo Fit with Urijah Faber at AverageJoesBlog.com