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With more weight training and nutrition advice battling for your attention than ever before, you would think that the world is turning into one big gym addicted, healthy living party, where everyone looks good and the birds are both singing sweetly, and can fly forever. Unfortunately however, much of the information that makes it to the mainstream audience is already outdated, plainly inaccurate, or just ignored by the vast majority.

JamesSchofieldTraining.co.uk is your source for good quality weight training, nutrition and weight loss advice no matter what your goals. Covering everything from general fitness guidelines, in depth articles considering the finer, argued points of the moment, and both simple and helpful advice to move you closer to the lifestyle and body you want, whilst debunking some commonly held fitness myths that you have no place adhering to or worrying about! This blog has started out of an obvious long held love for training, weights, martial arts and general fitness and nutrition that has led to advising and helping to train both friends and relatives.

If you have any questions or want specialist advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch I’d be happy to hear from you.