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Unfortunately this site has clearly been neglected a little, as I now live in Kuwait in the Middle East, and work is busy and time-consuming! I have been posting to my Facebook group as it is easy to update, and thought now would be a great time to pass some of this information onto you -

James Schofield Fitness Training

Check it out and see my latest deadlift video (206.8 kgs at a bodyweight of 93.5kgs), stuff on metabolic conditioning and how to use this to get the absolute best benefit out of your workouts, and also how and why you should perform a supremely underutilised exercise, the humble back extension. Loads of information seconds away at your fingertips!

james-schofield-fitness-training / @jschoftraining

Aside from James Schofield Fitness Training on Facebook, we’re also gaining momentum on Instagram and Twitter – check out -

@JSchofTraining now and read about my lifting, nutrition and workouts, and all the best of what’s going on in my world of iron!