@JSchofTraining in Malaysia, UFC 122 & David Haye

Hello from the otherside of the world! Unless you?re from Asia or related to me, in which case; er just hello? This is a historical moment, being the first time JamesSchofieldTraining has been updated from outside the UK! Well I figured that it would be an effective middle finger up at those of you that visit us if I just disappeared for a few weeks, perhaps more pertinently for those that I?ve been blabbering on at on from @JSchofTraining on Twitter for a month or so now, so here?s an update from the magical city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After around an hour and a half unexplained delay, Air Asia flight D7 2009 departed Stansted and some 12 hours later touched down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday night at around 8pm. (I think we made up some time during the flight). I have a very short (but boring) overnight stay in the local Tune Hotel (also run by Air Asia) before a frankly ridiculous 7am flight to Phuket, Thailand. To succinctly explain the trip, I?m spending about 8 days in Phuket for some serious Muay Thai training, before heading back over to Malaysia to spend a week with my wonderful family in Ipoh, Malaysia. I?ll be the first to admit that a part of me wishes there was more Malaysia and less training, but as Lain sung for UK Garage magnifico producer Wookie, ?everyday is like a battle?.

Some of you will know that I did effectively the same trip last year, except that I travelled to Bangkok to stay at Jitti?s Gym, in Ratchadapisek. (Amazing how familiarity helps your spelling!) Whilst an amazing experience, it was tough sharing a room with a random American I didn?t know and the little to do in Bangkok (and pollution) weighed me down. So, to solve my own lack of hardcoreness, I?ve opted to fly down to Phuket instead and actually stay at a hotel, where wifi, a fridge, and a hot shower will (hopefully) make a world of difference to my state of mind. All of you that know me will know painful a decision this was, as I?m effectively going to be paying double for my accomodation as compared to Bangkok and there?s no tube in Phuket, just Thai Tuk Tuks with varying levels of urgency and associated danger.
Oh, and I wrote most of this post whilst on the plane, so that?s another win for technology right there. (Getting the Tune Internet connection working with my netbook was a little more difficult.)

Much love and I?ll speak to you soon! Don?t forget, Saturday is a big night for fight fans as David Haye is going to beat up Audley Harrison and UFC 122 features Okami VS Marquardt ? I?m not sure when I?ll get to see it, but I?m excited to see Nate back in action, and he?s going to win, probably by decision.