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What are Light Force Greens?

As someone interested in training, fitness, sport and health in general, I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy claims and massive marketing that goes into selling products. Often, it’s a case of the bigger the marketing budget, the less high quality the product. However, we are very proud to break the mold and bring you a product that very few people know about in the UK yet. And you’ll notice that it isn’t purely sold on ridiculous endorsements and unachievable claims.


Light Force Greens


Light Force Greens is literally a next generation supplement – being 100% organic and free from any nasty extras or additives, Light Force Greens is a 100% organic greens supplement comprised of all the best things nature has to offer, in one superfood supplement! It is gaining momentum in the MMA world and is known to many of the top athletes in the fight world.

Light Force Greens - the world's most advanced supplement

Light Force Greens

- Boost your energy and metabolism
- Enhance your mental clarity and feel more awake
- Reduce joint inflammation and stiffness
- Promotes healthy heart and liver function
- Promotes healthier and softer skin
- Helps stabilise blood sugar levels and blood pressure
- Helps to fight the signs of aging with so many antioxidants
- Aids digestion and absorbtion of other nutrients
- Purifies the body and helps remove waste products and pesticides
- Balances pH levels to support the immune system and disease resistance
- Supports weight loss
- Detox and cleanse your body
- Light Force Greens is used by many of the world’s top athletes

- Proud to be used by Bas Rutten, Randy Couture (UFC Champion), Romulo Barral (Pictured. 2x BJJ Black Belt World Champion, 1x No Gi Champion), Tim Radcliffe (2x UCMMA Lightweight Champion), Ben Smith (1x UCMMA Heavyweight Champion), Patrick Cummins (2x All-American, NCAA runner up, Penn State)

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