Losing Fat for that Beach Body – Day 3 Tasks

Thanks to those of you that have given me a signal and said you’re putting your ass into this!

As we’re in Day 3, let’s have a little review – where should you be at?

Taken ‘before’ progress photos
Taken pictures of ALL YOUR FOOD
Done 10 minutes of exercise, whatever it may have been

How are you feeling after yesterday’s movement? How did you feel after you ate your meals? How do you feel overall?

The more aware you are of your body, the better you will feel and the happier you will be. Are you one of those that reaches for the painkillers or headache tablets at every opportunity? Obviously people are predisposed to certain problems as we’re all different, but the goal here is to improve your health via improved food, therefore requiring less use of painkillers or drugs.

Someone mentioned that me posting the tasks at the end of the day isn’t helpful as people have already lived / planned / enjoyed the majority of the day. So, here’s a task, plan it into your tomorrow and we’ll go from there!

***Nutrition Task***

If you don’t eat enough protein, you won’t see the changes you want. Getting enough protein is imperitive to reaching your goals. However, this program is for leaning up and getting a bit more ripped, so that means not only eating healthier, but eating smarter. Think about what you ate yesterday. How could you improve on it? Do you know?

Here are three tips to start implementing NOW:

1. UP your Protein Intake – choose dishes where meat is an ingredient – beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and fish are all fabulous choices. But make sure that meat is involved somewhere.
2. Reduce your Carbohydrate intake. All carbohydrates (effectively) are sugar. All are broken down to glucose to be used by the body for movement and activity. A ‘serving’ of carbohydrates is a closed fist size – eg. A tight handful or pasta or rice. If you had pasta last night with a WHOLE plate of pasta, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Replace these starchy carbs with vegetables or salad.
3. NO SNACKING. Today (or tomorrow, lol). You’re not going to snack – you’re going to be good. Say no to chocolate, biscuits, cake, or whatever else is going around your office today. I don’t care that it’s Margaret’s birthday from HR, she’s fat and unhealthy and you will be too if you keep eating shite. (Hmph.)

Therefore, your ‘ideal’ meal now contains a lump of protein, a smaller serving of carbohydrates and a side of fresh vegetables. Welcome to heath(ier) eating. When you’ve got what you think is a meal that looks shareable, send it over to me and we can see if you’re on the right track!

***Exercise Task***

10 minutes of exercise yesterday – what did you do? How do you feel today?

Today we are upping the ante, you’re going to do your first workout! You’re only going to work out for 8 minutes in total. And 2 of those are warming up. If you have any questions or issues, get at me in the comments below!

Day 3 Workout:

40 seconds: a fast walk, including rotating your arms and generally getting moving to prepare your body for the session ahead.
10 seconds: plank
20 seconds: jogging on the spot
20 seconds: lateral sidesteps
20 seconds: star jumps / jumping jacks

Now you should feel pretty warm and are probably sweating a little bit! Time to put in some work. You have 6 minutes to do today, suck it up and go hard!

*45 seconds – Burpees – as many as you can. Rest 15 seconds.
*45 seconds – Star Jumps – as many as you can. Rest 15 seconds.
*45 seconds – Push ups or Push up hold in top position if can’t do full rep – as many as you can. Rest 15 seconds.

*30 seconds – Speed Skater Lateral Hops – as many as you can. Rest 30 seconds. (Push off your left foot, land on your right foot, push off right foot and land on left side, repeat ad infinitum).
*30 seconds – Forearm Plank with opposite shoulder touch – as many as you can. Rest 30 seconds. (From a forearm plank, touch your opposite shoulder with your hand. Eg lift your right arm and touch your left shoulder, then switch sides.)
*30 seconds – Long Jumps – as many as you can. (Standing in a normal front facing stance, simply jump as far forward as you can and land by planting both feet on the ground.)

Relax and enjoy the fact that you’re done. Or rather, you should feel totally pooped and be cursing me. Either way, you’ll feel better in about 10/15 minutes when the endorphins kick in! Have a great evening everyone!