My Favourite Whey Protein from Reflex

Reflex Protein Supplements

Like all of us, I have ?preferred? supplements ? supplements that although beneficial, are probably as good as or only a margin better than alternative brand product x or y. You?ve all seen the generic household cleaning product ad! Product differences, bias, and general human behaviour mean it?s easy to favour one over the other when it comes down to it. A product I started using many years ago and have taken consistently for years, is Reflex Instant Whey Protein.

In terms of taste, (in both milk and water) mixability, (in both milk and water) and biological value protein quality (I assume, in both milk and water), I honestly feel that Reflex Instant Whey Protein can?t be beaten. This is a first rate protein supplement, plain and simple. I love chocolate, and have tried most chocolate flavoured protein powders, and this one is the best. True story. (The link takes you to the 2.2 kg black tub of whey protein.)

Reflex Instant Whey Protein 2.2kgs

But it?s not just protein powders: Reflex are a UK based supplement company and they do some fantastic ?protein blends?, which I’ve also used – If you fancy upgrading your protein, check these out… (These are just  my favourites, sorry if you don?t agree!)

Reflex BCAA Capsules – Anyone training hard will benefit from some BCAA supplementation, and these provide 1500mg L-Leucine, 750mg of L-Isoleucine and 750mg of L-Valine. To get that, you need 6 tablets, which to me is a little on the hefty side. Can’t fault the product though, I love BCAAs and couldn’t live without them. (I use both the capsules, and also a powdered form.) Ideal for reducing recovery soreness and especially helpful when trying to hold onto muscle when cutting weight (read, being at a calorific deficit.)

Reflex BCAA Capsules

Reflex Instant Mass Protein – This is the Reflex ‘weight gainer’. I like this one a lot, as in terms of proteins and carbs, it’s hard to beat – 1 136g serving gives you 52g protein, 50g carbs (just 3g of sugar!) and 8.2g of fat. That’s a hefty 482 calories per serving, so you could basically live off them. (Don’t live off them, I’m joking).

Reflex Instant Mass

Reflex One Stop Protein Formula – This is Reflex’s meal replacement offering – at 75g serving provides 37g protein, 15g carbs, and 5g of fat, as well as a whole host of iron, zinc, chromium, vitamins, creatine, and even BCAAs. It also contains Bioperine to help your body absorb the nutrients!

Reflex one stop meal replacement

Reflex Micellar Casien – Here is a product all you ‘hardgainers’ will love – I can’t stress enough the importance of loading up with slow digesting protein through the night, and a 45g serving will give you 36g of protein, mostly from milk proteins, to fuel you for hours.

Reflex Instant Mass

NOTE: I have no affiliation in anyway with Reflex, in fact if they ever stumble on this blog, I would say please SEND ME SOME PRODUCTS lol! I’ve been a longtime supporter of their products and have no hesitation recommending them and their quality. I?ve had some good customer service and prompt delivery in the past  from this online store – they’re running a 5% off special offer right now that is applied on all orders over £60 – just enter ‘WG50‘ at the checkout and that’s it! The offer expires at the end of October, so now’s a good a time as any to get your protein supplements in for the winter – watch this space as we’re working on a multi part winter bulking guide just for you!

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