My Take on Metabolic Conditioning, or Metabolic Resistance Training

I posted this to my Facebook group (James Schofield Fitness Training on Facebook) and did a little write up after reading this article about Metabolic Resistance Training.

Read the article and collect your thoughts, then consider what I have to say below – which I think is a much more effective, safer way to achieve the same goals.

>>> I thought this was a very good article, it’s effectively how I train 100% of the time now (in my own way) – however – I don’t do it like they do here in circuit form, in fact I don’t think I ever would because I like to focus on my lifts and my movements. The KEY paragraph is this:

‘MRT covers many combinations of CV and muscular training involving many techniques to increase intensity such as circuits, supersets, speed work, compound movements and low rest. It bridges the gap between aerobic and anaerobic activity and as such could be the perfect thing to get you away from the hours on the treadmill.’

If I am not having an out and out ‘strength’ day, every exercise I do will be supersetted with some sort of Metabolic Training. For example, after I have done my heavy squats, I’ll do some legs assistance work. This could be as simple as doing single leg leg presses. I superset this exercise with box jumps, squat jumps, or high bench jumping steps (like having one foot on a bench and one on the floor, and jumping and switching your feet for 20 reps). This ‘extra’ exercise turns the overload UP and the heart rate sky high as it is a challenging exercise for the heart whilst providing a tough challenge for the muscles themselves.


Battle Ropes - Fantastic Metabolic Resistance!

Battle Ropes – Fantastic Metabolic Resistance!

Some examples:

Prime leg exercise superset with jump squats or box jumps
Prime leg exercise superset with single leg jumps or hops
Bench Press superset with push ups or knee raise push ups
Chin ups or Pull Ups superset with core work or hip raises

thanks to Nick A Titley www.bittersweetfitness.com

Squat Jump!

Obviously it’s much easier to do effective metabolic work with leg dominant or whole body activities. how many push ups can you do? 20? Doing bench press then a set of push ups would achieve the same – you are workign for between 20-30 seconds which as you should know is the ideal time for a short interval of work. As long as you get between 20 and 40 seconds of good work in, you’ll be feeling it!

It’s that simple – pick your exercise, pick another that is related and more taxing on the heart but still utilises resistance, and go nuts. You literally don’t need to do conventional ‘cardio’ ever again. Thanks!