Pictures! Monsoon Rain, Bangla Stadium and Massage Girl Fights

It’s been a day or two since my last update, time has started to fly as I knew it would. It’s also been an entertaining couple of days. Been making the most of my time though, getting out of the room and chilling with the locals. Went to Bangla stadium in Patong on Friday night to watch the fights there, I can see why it’d be quite a laugh to go out here at night, (as opposed to during the day, when it’s horrible). Loads and loads of farangs, mostly hammered, enjoying the cheapness that is the Thai life. Our boy from Sinbi won by knockout, and we got a lift up with Sing (owner of Sinbi Muay Thai) so was good to roll with the crew as it were. Crazy how young they start; he was cornered by one of the trainers and an 18 year old called Kay (from Sinbi) who’s already had over 100 fights. Kay’s also decided he wants my New Era hat and asks me about it every training session…

Fights at Bangla Stadium, Patong, Phuket

Saturday was a solid day of training, with the best sleep ever in between morning and afternoon sessions. Have been pushing myself hard, and did some boxing sparring in the morning which was nice. I was told (by the other farangs) that I did well, though I came away with a slightly bruised cheekbone from one of the big French Canadian dudes. Also got told I fight like a cockney haha… Best part of the sessions is at the very end after the really hard work, Pot (head trainer and absolute g) often calls me over to work on specific kicking counters + reaction techniques; exactly the kind of drills I need. Could definitely see myself training here for a long time (if only lol). Also was chatting to an Australian about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who had said he’d heard of Ricardo and Nova Forca, so out to the family on that one!

When not training, sleeping or eating, I’ve been chilling with some of the girls from a local massage parlour (lol). Once they realise you’re cool and not some sex starved falang mental case (or in other words, a mark), they are game for chat, jokes and a good laugh. Sitting outside is hella hot, but it’s funny being on the ‘other’ side for a change (as opposed to where they shout abuse at you if you turn them down) and as I’m not totally white, I think they have a bit more patience. So thanks to my parents on that one! So far, I’ve done well with staying out of trouble, and my instincts proved correct again when they tried to take me to a club in Patong, Ikon, last night (”Jame, no train Sunday, we know, party party!’) – I heard from one of the girls today at lunch (they made me food!) that she got into a fight at Ikon and knocked some girl out outside. A typical evening in the life of a massage girl I guess.

Some people have been asking what it’s actually like in Nai Harn, and I realised I haven’t put up any pictures of the camp yet..!

Nai Harn, Phuket

Nai Harn, Phuket

Heavy Bays at Sinbi Muay Thai

Heavy Bags at Sinbi Muay Thai

Oron gleefully showed us a video of him on Youtube, knocking some guy out with a throw from the clinch, and this was February 2010! The full fight – Oron Deachkalon Clinch Throw KO Both have had over a couple of hundred fights as far as I know!

Magnus, Det (Sinbi Trainer), Oron (Sinbi Trainer), AJ

Magnus, Det & Oron (Sinbi Trainers), AJ

Oh, and for those of you that don’t know what monsoon rain is like… This:
Monsoon Rain. The past two days have seen about 8 hours a day of solid rain, but thankfully it’s eased off a little today. Been realising I don’t really have enough clothes, going to pick up some of my laundry tonight!