Research Update on Low Carb / Ketogenic diets VS Traditional Western Diet

A quick, short post from me today (makes a change) but as I was doing my reading this morning I came across a great post by Bayesian Bodybuilding, where they have considered the scientific research that is currently about on Low Carb Ketogenic Diets when compared with traditional Western Models. It backs up all my existing thoughts about Low Carb diets and I will continue to champion them amongst my family and clients.

Protein, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, steak,

Firstly, a study on recreationally active women showed that those who ingested more FAT were both STRONGER and LEANER than those who ingested carbohydrate heavy food. “Participants consuming greater than 5% of calories from fat had a significantly higher bench press 1RM.” The study suggests that women have to consider what they intake carefully as there may be significant implications to their body composition.

Succinctly, it showed that lean body mass increased when Low Carbing to a comparable rate with the traditional diet, possibly outperforming it but the low carb group featured a ‘carb-up’ at the end of the study.

When considering strength and power, as I would have suspected, the traditional Western carbohydrate heavy diet resulted in superior results over the Low Carb group, who made improvements but on a lower level.

Finally, the data suggests that these extreme diets ARE safe. The good cholesterol (HDL) increased in the Low Carb group and triglycerides rose.

Massive thanks to Bayesian Bodybuilding for a great write up, you can read the full article including journal abstracts at their site – Carbs VS Fat Research Update

Thanks, have a great day everyone!