Saenchai Sor Kingstar at Sinbi Muay Thai Camp, Phuket

Ah, now we’re in business. Aside from my complete pig of a day yesterday, I got myself to afternoon training and obviously the endorphin release did me a lot of good. The training,whilst great, didn’t so much as I obviously hurt like hell all over. I’m hoping the foot holds up…

Rise and shine at 645am for morning training, which was a fail, as it doesn’t start till 730am. Bangkok was 7am, but with a totally messed up sleeping pattern it didn’t really matter to be honest. Onto the training – no real ‘running’ here, as it’s more of a laid back holiday vibe in Phuket (as compared to Bangkok) just a warm up however hard you want and stretching. I can’t yet run from Green Valley to Sinbi Muay Thai, but my excuse is it’s up a hill. Now, the training:

It starts off with a few rounds of serious shadowboxing, with the trainers walking around and working with you, which is awesome as it’s nice to work in so much detail when you’re still fresh (as fresh as you can be in a million degrees). The trainer to training ratio seems pretty good also. I definitely need to work hard as I’m ironing out lots of previous bad habits. The format is quite simple in that you usually do push ups in between rounds… So, serious training starts with 5 rounds with a Thai padman, (no push ups here), working you damn hard. Then it’s 5 rounds of bag work, working on whatever you want, I’m trying to work extensively on the things I’d just covered with the trainer, before a round of teeps and rear leg front kicks, a round of swinging knees, and almost finally two rounds of continuous one two combinations for conditioning. More push ups in between as usual, before it’s onto clinch sparring and technique (I think just the afternoon) whereas in the morning you work on specific drills or counters – did catching the kick and cross shin blocks this morning.

I guess when you’re a superstar Thai you don’t have to be as relentless; Saenchai, or the Muay Thai King, showed up at the end of morning training around 9am, (still early lol), whilst we were doing drills to finish up the session. Didn’t manage to take any photos of the gym itself, but I found a nice shack called ‘Cheap Ass’ to eat at. Who knows if it was meant to be called Cheap As! Just a woman and a stove works wonders in Thailand, providing pork rice and a thai omelette filled with vegetables, plus a diet coke all set me back a princely 110 Baht, the equivalent of just over £2 quid, now you’re definitely talking. (Last nights spag bol cost me 130 Baht).

Upon returning to Green Valley, I had the good fortune of a call from Air Asia, who have located my bag and are sending it over. Best. Day. Ever. I’m so looking forward to some soap and a change of clothes. Here is a picture of how rural petrol stations are done in Thailand:

'Gasoline' in rural Thailand

You need gas? Here!

Though as I’m waiting for my stuff, I haven’t showered and I’m just in boxer shorts, which was a little embarrassing as I opened the door not to my bag, but to a small Thai cleaning lady who was probably more embarrassed than me… In other news, my perfect mix of yellow and white blood is a favourite thing of the damn mosquito, and after only getting bitten once last night, they were feasting as I was refuelling after training this morning and I got about 4 bad bites, they’ve swollen up even without scratching! I’m fighting back though, smashing two with my hands upon entering my room – if only I can keep them out of my room it would be a good start.