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A big challenge many people face is that they simply find it hard to get good amounts of protein in their diet without massively overeating or eating so much that they can’t see the body fat changes that they want! A consistent question I’m often asked is ‘How Can I get More Protein’. The first step is to familiarise yourself with what foods actually contain worthwhile protein levels. Nuts, dairy (and eggs), meat and lentils all are useful here. Remember though that meat is the only complete protein, that is it provides all 9 essential amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own. (There are over 200 amino acids, about 22 standard amino acids, but they can be used in many different ways. 9 are notarised as ‘essential’ because the body can’t produce these itself.) This means that you can combine protein sources to make up complete proteins if needed – beans and brown rice for example and spinach mixed with almonds.
Usually, not seeing changes is a result of not eating enough protein. So the simplest way to speed up your results is to make sure that you’re maximising your protein intake each day.

Protein Powder!

I get my protein now from The Protein Works, which I found recently after moving back from the Middle East. The taste and flavours are good, delivery took just one day (I ordered on a weekend and it was here on Monday). Check out their range of Protein Powders which are high in protein content and decently priced. FYI, I used to use MyProtein before, which is probably the most popular in the UK, but I gave up on them after consistently terrible customer service – and for someone who would spend a couple of hundred quid every 2 months, this was unacceptable!


1. Add more meat to your diet. This one had to be said – eating lentils, beans and eggs will get you protein undoubtedly, but there’s no substitute for almost 30g of protein in one hit with 100g of lean steak!

2. Make sure that you always have high protein foods available to snack on. Your fridge, and especially your work lunch if you take food to work, should always contain nuts such as almonds or brazil nuts, and ideally sandwich meat such as turkey or chicken. Eating a few slices of good quality pre-packed chicken can easily be worth 15g – 30g of protein.

3. Consciously choose PROTEIN. The way to see changes is (unfortunately) to be strict with yourself. Eating chocolate every day is a no-no. If you are considering foods, try and think about what is best value in terms of containing protein. A Friday afternoon pub lunch for example can offer up varied menu choices. Choose the chicken or fish dish over the vegetarian pasta and your body will thank you.

4. Similarly, do you have to drink a pint every time?!

5. This has built up to the key – number 5 – Change Your MINDSET. The obvious truth when trying to change how your body looks is that you have to do something different to what you have been doing previously to see long term changes. If you ignore your protein, you will find it hard to progress. Therefore, the more you consider what you’re eating and how you can get more good quality food, especially protein, into your diet, the better. Make sure you are improving. This is the difference between training, and working out. If you’re training, you are heading towards a goal and have improvement in your sights.


Tasty Protein Flapjack bars from The Protein Works!

Extra: Protein bars/supplements. I didn’t want to list this one as a ‘main’ point, but it is undeniable that supplementation can go a long way to helping improve one’s protein intake. Overall, bars are a good way to get a hit of protein, most contain the equivalent of a protein shake, 15-25g of protein in one bar. Unfortunately most contain a similar amount of carbs, meaning that they are a calorific way of getting in your protein. I’ve used a large range of bars which I’ll address in detail in another post. Check out the tasty tasty Protein Works Flapjack Bars for some goodness!

So there you have it – keep these tips at the forefront of your mind and you will see both your protein intake rise and your results happen faster! If you find yourself struggling with healthy eating or nutrition and don’t know where to turn, drop me a message and we’ll get you on track! If you like this and want to be updated with more articles in the future, join up on the Facebook Group ->

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If you want to grab any of the protein I’ve mentioned from The Protein Works, check out their site here! Definitely good quality, well priced supplements. The best thing about them is the huge range – they have GM free, lactose free, and even gluten free powders.