The Hanging Leg Raise – How to and Demonstration Video

Summary: This is an essential core exercise for athletes, those looking to improve their physique and those who want a serious core workout. You need to be both strong and aware of your body to perform these properly with a minimum of momentum. The hanging leg raise involves hanging from an overhead bar or using… Continue reading »

James Schofield Fitness Training Facebook Group

Unfortunately this site has clearly been neglected a little, as I now live in Kuwait in the Middle East, and work is busy and time-consuming! I have been posting to my Facebook group as it is easy to update, and thought now would be a great time to pass some of this information onto you… Continue reading »

The Truth? He’s been Cut from the UFC… And

Blogpost looking at the aftermath of UFC 125: Resolution, a new MyProtein sale (use my 5% code MP51873), and Brandon Vera, also known as ‘The Truth’ has been cut.

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