The Beach Body Crash Course

It’s almost SUMMER HOLIDAY TIME – Is Your Body Beach Ready?

As we enter June and glimmers of sunshine bask England (this may or may not be true) people start to really look forward to their summer holidays! Every year Brits head to the Med to relax in the sun and top up their tans on the glorious, sandy beaches.

Introducing the Beach Body Crash Course Series. By following my small training and nutrition tips here, you will see the results in yourself and enjoy big changes by the time you get on a plane!

As a massive *THANK YOU* to those who took part in the group and helped support my questionnaire, the upcoming series of posts here (and replicated later on the blog, JamesSchofieldTraining.co.uk) will focus on how to trim up and lose body fat, giving you a much leaner and toned look by the time you hit the beach. Basically, you’ll do half the work and get twice the results. I will be running a 3 or 4 week crash summer body bootcamp with included training sessions… Contact me for details. (see below.)

Let’s be honest, who couldn’t benefit from this?! I know that I myself need to be much stricter with my eating, even a daily reminder would help!

*Today’s* task is very simple – stand in front of a mirror and take a full length shot of yourself. Now turn to the side and do the same. This is your starting point. You can look back on these pictures whilst you’re enjoying your holiday and you’ll instantly be able to see the progress you’ve made!

Once you have your photos done, spend the next couple of days noticing what is going into your mouth!

Come back tomorrow for the next post!


The Beach Body Crash Course series is based around a simple principle of making small changes and completing a task every day – though only a small change, it will impact your body with big results, especially as the tips will combine and build on one another!

Oh and please share this with anyone that you think will benefit from some tips for leaning up this summer, get at me with any questions below!

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