The Only ?Gas Station? for Miles!

Hahahahaha ok well everything connection wise and life wise has been disrupted, the monsoon relentlessly and shamelessly pelts Phuket; it rained solidly from about 3pm till 9-10pm last night with varying degrees of downpour. If you consider a gauge from ‘midgets would drown in seconds’ to ‘ok this is still freaking wet, give me a break!’ you’d be in the right ballpark. Light showers these are not my friends.

After hitting both the morning and afternoon training sessions yesterday, I’m feeling it a little bit as the soreness and mosquito bites take over my sore body. I did however get myself an amazing oil massage, which has really really helped my foot which I’m pretty pleased about; it was actually getting pretty hard to walk/limp around. Took the morning off today to do some sleeping, chilling and web stuff and waiting for the afternoon session now. It’s going to be a fun walk up to camp in the rain.

Lord of the Rings moment in PhuketHopefully you can see a little of what I could see on the walk home from Sinbi yesterday, it was a very Lord of the Rings-esque moment indeed and very beautiful at the same time. Big up Apple on the photo quality, I chose to leave my carmera at home this trip and just use the laptop / iPhone combo… Anyway, I can see why people just hang around wasting days in Thailand, not a lot can be done when it’s raining in terms of outside entertainment (training aside obviously) and with most small shops/eateries on your doorstep, if you brave the rain and don’t mind washing all your gear out you don’t really need to travel too far at the best of times.

I imagine petrol is cheap and goes pretty far out here, because this is the first ‘petrol station’ I’ve seen around these parts of Phuket. I’m surprised there’s not a queue for it all the time, check this out, I can’t imagine it’d last long in the UK, probably as some cheap bastard would steal it.

Close Up Phuket Petrol Station

Close up Phuket Petrol Station

Phuket Petrol Station

Phuket Petrol Station