The Top Diet Myths Which ALWAYS Bear Repeating

Whatever happens in the world, some seemingly steadfast diet myths will still remain. However many times someone tells you, you will still find it hard to shake off these lies, but you can never know too much so sit up and pay attention! This is a very top level approach but its mantra cannot be ignored. If you are perturbed by what you want to eat individually every day, or how many carbs are in x y or z, consider that if you get 90% of your nutrition right, the final 10% is less important.

- Total Calories IN VS Total Calories OUT

The determining factor in whether you lose or gain weight. The End.

- Meal Frequency
– that is, how many times you eat or do not eat in a day, DOES NOT MATTER in the slightest. Eating more, smaller meals doesn’t burn more calories than eating fewer, larger meals.

- Eating carbs at night – do it. It’s better for you than eating them spread throughout the day. I’ve posted on this before (with accompanying scientific studies) but the important point is this – by continuously spiking your blood sugar during the day (by consuming carbs) you are encouraging your body to hold onto fat.


- If calories are equal, a moderate intake of fats, both saturated an unsaturated, and a lowering of carbohydrates, will cause reduction in body fat in almost everyone! An associated benefit of this is improving your cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol is GOOD for you. LDL cholesterol is the BAD kind. Pay attention to this next time you go to the doctors for a blood test, or you spot a Daily Mail article championing some food that is now good for you, even though it was bad for you last year, but is now definitely good for you. (What?!)

Side note: Without turning this into a huge in-depth calories article – Those of you using varying protocols such as 5:2, Intermittent Fasting, and Carb Backloading, congratulations! Your body can see great success using these ideas but remember if your overall calories aren’t on point then you won’t see any changes! Psychologically, these are great ways to eat, because you become self-regulating with your food and learn what to eat for full satiation etc. Like anything else though, they all still require the most important personal tool of all for making changes – discipline.

One thing that’s helped me massively has been buying Dr. Zaks protein bread from Musclefood. For all my supplementation I use The Protein Works. In two slices of bread, you get 30g of protein. So for me it makes a fantastic addition to morning eggs!

Any questions or comments you know what to do! Thanks!