The Truth? He’s been Cut from the UFC… And Training4Muscles.co.uk?

Wow, another update. I must be drunk or something… (joking, and welcome!)

Let’s have a little look back at UFC 125 shall we? I thought it was a good card, obviously not the best but very much above average and a nice start to 2011 for the UFC. And…….. Finally I got some picks! Haha… It does make you care a little more about the result that’s for sure. (Especially as I always pick with my heart over my head!)

Guida V Gomi was just plain awesome. It was great to see just how technically good Gomi is, I didn’t see enough of the old ‘PRIDE’ but I wish I had done. Still, Guida proved once again that superior skill can be thwarted by heart and tenacity, and also that he can develop his own skillset: it almost looked like Joe Daddy was applying that guillotine himself!

Brandon Vera unfortunately now has to face the truth as ‘The Truth’ was cut from the UFC today, after (unfortunately) what can only be described as a dire performance…Also, my heart wanted to pick Stann, but I didn’t and what a mistake that was. A short first round pummelling was all it took to see off Chris Leben, and the clash between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard was all that you could have wished for, for the first couple of rounds at least.

Round 1 opened with Maynard loading up seemingly Fedor ignited bombs as he knocked Edgar down at least three times. Frankly, I didn’t see him making it out of the round, but somehow he survived, before returning in round 2 with some power shots of his own. He was moving and throwing as if he’d never taken a punch in his life, the brain readjusting beating he took for all of round 1 seemingly making no difference… For the record, I had it as an Edgar fight, even if you give Maynard a 10-8 opening round. Acting totally unbiased, I’ll give it that the closest Gray came was a draw.

The Champ, Frankie Edgar - Copyright Sherdog

Frankie Edgar (Thanks to Sherdog)

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Pay him a visit and drop by the forums for some chatter, he really knows his stuff!

Also, here’s a HUGE shoutout to all 200 odd @JSchofTraining Twitter followers! I appreciate and am thankful for the support! I hope you all had a fabulous Xmas and New Year!