You Need The Health Benefits of Green Tea

What if I told you, legitimately, that you could improve all aspects of your wellbeing simply by drinking a certain type of drink every day? Well how about if I switched that around and told you you probably drink things every day (or at least every week) which would eventually cause your body to deteriorate… Continue reading »

The Top Diet Myths Which ALWAYS Bear Repeating

Whatever happens in the world, some seemingly steadfast diet myths will still remain. However many times someone tells you, you will still find it hard to shake off these lies, but you can never know too much so sit up and pay attention! This is a very top level approach but its mantra cannot be… Continue reading »

Beach Body Daily Workout and Nutrition Tips

Happy Tuesday everyone. How was your eating and training over the weekend? Time to get going again! ***Exercise Task*** Today’s workout is going to feature a range of bodyweight exercises that will challenge your body in a new way but allow you rest so you can really attack each set hard! Simple, but sucky I… Continue reading »

Warm Up, because you aren’t f**king stupid.

I write a lot of workouts for a lot of people. I’ve trained and lifted weights or done martial arts with a lot of people. I even advise a lot of people. One thing is common – the ones in better body ‘shape’ (e.g. effective mobility, flexibility, fewer chronic issues and old nagging injuries) are… Continue reading »

Research Update on Low Carb / Ketogenic diets VS Traditional Western Diet

A quick, short post from me today (makes a change) but as I was doing my reading this morning I came across a great post by Bayesian Bodybuilding, where they have considered the scientific research that is currently about on Low Carb Ketogenic Diets when compared with traditional Western Models. It backs up all my… Continue reading »

Daily Free Beach Body Workout and Nutrition Tips!

How is everyone feeling today? You’ve had your first real taste now of the changes you need to be making to move forward. Now it’s time to continue learning and putting into practice. Hopefully you don’t have much soreness yet, your muscles just feel like they’ve started to do something?! *** Nutrition Task *** You’ve… Continue reading »

Losing Fat for that Beach Body – Day 3 Tasks

Thanks to those of you that have given me a signal and said you’re putting your ass into this! As we’re in Day 3, let’s have a little review – where should you be at? Taken ‘before’ progress photos Taken pictures of ALL YOUR FOOD Done 10 minutes of exercise, whatever it may have been… Continue reading »

Beach Body Free Daily Tips Guide Day 2

Hey everyone, who’s following the beach body tips then? Hit like / share or comment below if you are! It’s time to see who’s really playing here to work and who isn’t! If you are taking part in this and have taken your photos yesterday, keep them somewhere safe so that you are easily able… Continue reading »

The Beach Body Crash Course

It’s almost SUMMER HOLIDAY TIME – Is Your Body Beach Ready? As we enter June and glimmers of sunshine bask England (this may or may not be true) people start to really look forward to their summer holidays! Every year Brits head to the Med to relax in the sun and top up their tans… Continue reading »


Happy Sunday everyone! A big challenge many people face is that they simply find it hard to get good amounts of protein in their diet without massively overeating or eating so much that they can’t see the body fat changes that they want! A consistent question I’m often asked is ‘How Can I get More… Continue reading »

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