Guest Blogging continues – new articles up.

Two new articles from me up this week on other websites – I just had a guest article published at Spa Breaks, titled ‘Five Exercises to Start Doing this Summer’, check it out today! 5 Exercises to Start Doing this Summer And another at My Fresh Perspective, which is on the main page. Tweet This… Continue reading »

Summer is coming!

Hi everyone, How are you all doing?! There have been some issues with the website and hosting stuff but I’m very pleased to say that James Schofield Training is now back fully online! I spent the weekend at Body Power 2015, here are some random pics and of course me hack squatting at car for… Continue reading »

James Schofield Fitness Training Q & A – Is DOMS Necessary?

Hey everyone, Just a quick note about a video I did to answer a question posted by Holly for my Facebook Group James Schofield Fitness Training. If you have any questions at all make sure you get at me here in the comments or on my group and I’ll do my best to help you… Continue reading »

My reply to the post 3 Ways to Develop Explosiveness for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Hi everyone, Spotted a post on my Facebook from some fellow Nova Forca warriors and the video compelled me to reply immediately. You can check out the original post here: The article itself is basic and poses no issue, but the video at the bottom of the page that they have embedded meant I needed… Continue reading »

Building Muscle and Getting Ripped…In a month.. With limited equipment

Hi everyone, I got this message from a good friend of mine who is going away on holiday in a month. After speaking with him further he said he could train 4x a week. As this isn’t a traditional type of question I thought I’d write a full response for the website, as it is… Continue reading »

Happy New Year + The Idle Man

Welcome to 2015 everyone! I apologise for the lack of recent updates. For those that don’t know, I am out in Kuwait right now and my focus has been on a few things, but unfortunately writing articles hasn’t been at the top of that list. More news to follow, but recently I have been concentrating… Continue reading »

Are you Wasting Your TIME with Ineffective Cardio?

People all across the UK are now (or have been) hitting the gym as it’s (sort of; still) the New Year. I commend these people for making the effort and taking that plunge into fitness. However, if they don’t see results, they won’t stick with it. Cardiovascular exercise (otherwise known as cardio) is much more… Continue reading »

The Hanging Leg Raise – How to and Demonstration Video

Summary: This is an essential core exercise for athletes, those looking to improve their physique and those who want a serious core workout. You need to be both strong and aware of your body to perform these properly with a minimum of momentum. The hanging leg raise involves hanging from an overhead bar or using… Continue reading »

James Schofield Fitness Training Facebook Group

Unfortunately this site has clearly been neglected a little, as I now live in Kuwait in the Middle East, and work is busy and time-consuming! I have been posting to my Facebook group as it is easy to update, and thought now would be a great time to pass some of this information onto you… Continue reading »

My Take on Metabolic Conditioning, or Metabolic Resistance Training

I posted this to my Facebook group (James Schofield Fitness Training on Facebook) and did a little write up after reading this article about Metabolic Resistance Training. Read the article and collect your thoughts, then consider what I have to say below – which I think is a much more effective, safer way to achieve… Continue reading »

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