Kids Cagefighting in the UK and the Associated Media Uproar

The subject of children’s cage fighting has exploded into the UK’s mainstream media today: I first saw this a few hours ago via friend at Twitterland, but refrained from commenting due to the nature and volatility of the potential responses. I have to weigh in a little, as what appeared in most of the UK… Continue reading »

Gonzo Fit with K-SWISS, UFC & WEC Superstar Urijah Faber

As we all know MMA is now well and truly engrained in worldwide society. Previously the biggest fight sport on the planet was boxing, or the ‘Sweet Science’, and although it still carries bigger PPV $$$’s and has standout talents including Manny Pacquio, Flloyd Mayweather and Audley Harrison (joke) at the top of the proverbial… Continue reading »

UFC 129: Shields Vs George St Pierre

A look at the upcoming superfight between GSP and Jake Shields at UFC 129.

UFC Buys Strikeforce! Say goodbye to MMA Competition

Stikeforce was just bought by Zuffa Entertainment, owners of the UFC. Say bye bye to MMA competition, why the hell didnt Scott Coker (Strikeforce) join forces with Bellator?! Waiting for more details to emerge but breaking news is that the UFC purchased Strikeforce today, meaning that they now own all of the generally regarded top… Continue reading »

Dan ‘The Upgrade’ Lauzon Stabbed

Former UFC lightweight talent Dan Lauzon, brother of better known UFC fighter Joe Lauzon was stabbed Thursday morning in Bridgewater, Mass, reported The Enterprise. The incident occured at 2am on Thursday after the men were in a pub car park. The 22 year old, fighting name ‘The Upgrade’ was knifed in the shoulder in a… Continue reading »

The Truth? He’s been Cut from the UFC… And

Blogpost looking at the aftermath of UFC 125: Resolution, a new MyProtein sale (use my 5% code MP51873), and Brandon Vera, also known as ‘The Truth’ has been cut.

UFC 125: Resolution Predictions and Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year to all of you out there and I hope you had a fantabulous Christmas! I really really need to get back on it, been keeping up with the Muay Thai at Nova Forca but haven’t done weights or done any wrist rehab work in weeks, arrghh! Site neglect aside, it’s been… Continue reading »

WEC Henderson vs Pettis

This is simply a quick update to say HELLO because I haven’t posted since returning from Thailand (*cries). Getting back to real life, frankly, sucks, but I’ve been attending Nova Forca Thai on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so it’s not all bad. Soon to come will be new content and offerings so be assured this… Continue reading »

Zuffa Solidifies Powerhouse Position as WEC & UFC Merge

Zuffa has announced the long awaited merger of the UFC and the WEC, arguably the world?s two premier MMA organisations. Zuffa has owned the WEC since 2006, when it purchased the organisation to stop potential competition as the WEC, VERSUS TV and the International Fight League (IFL) were poised to complete a deal. (Roy ?Big… Continue reading »

TUF ? Jiu Jitsu Takeover & UFC 121

Wow, my UFC 120 predictions don’t look so hot right now do they! Ever a glutton for punishment, here are some picks for UFC 121 – it’s lucky I’m not a betting man! Lesnar V Velasquez – Don’t get me wrong, I love Cain, he is clearly the future, but I think this step up… Continue reading »

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