You Need The Health Benefits of Green Tea

What if I told you, legitimately, that you could improve all aspects of your wellbeing simply by drinking a certain type of drink every day? Well how about if I switched that around and told you you probably drink things every day (or at least every week) which would eventually cause your body to deteriorate… Continue reading »

The Top Diet Myths Which ALWAYS Bear Repeating

Whatever happens in the world, some seemingly steadfast diet myths will still remain. However many times someone tells you, you will still find it hard to shake off these lies, but you can never know too much so sit up and pay attention! This is a very top level approach but its mantra cannot be… Continue reading »

Research Update on Low Carb / Ketogenic diets VS Traditional Western Diet

A quick, short post from me today (makes a change) but as I was doing my reading this morning I came across a great post by Bayesian Bodybuilding, where they have considered the scientific research that is currently about on Low Carb Ketogenic Diets when compared with traditional Western Models. It backs up all my… Continue reading »


Happy Sunday everyone! A big challenge many people face is that they simply find it hard to get good amounts of protein in their diet without massively overeating or eating so much that they can’t see the body fat changes that they want! A consistent question I’m often asked is ‘How Can I get More… Continue reading »

Summer is coming!

Hi everyone, How are you all doing?! There have been some issues with the website and hosting stuff but I’m very pleased to say that James Schofield Training is now back fully online! I spent the weekend at Body Power 2015, here are some random pics and of course me hack squatting at car for… Continue reading »

James Schofield Fitness Training Facebook Group

Unfortunately this site has clearly been neglected a little, as I now live in Kuwait in the Middle East, and work is busy and time-consuming! I have been posting to my Facebook group as it is easy to update, and thought now would be a great time to pass some of this information onto you… Continue reading »

The No Excuses 20 Minute Bodyweight Home Workout

Once again Happy 2013 to everyone reading this – those of you living in the UK will know that SNOW has been upon us these last couple of weeks… January, the month when everyone decides that they’ve eaten too much over Christmas and cunningly sets a new year’s resolution to ‘go to the gym!’ Such… Continue reading »

Sports Nutrition by Nancy Clark

I’m sure you’ve wondered frequently what to eat and what supplements to take pre and post workout? How about how much sugar you should have pre workout? Or what to consume afterwards? I found this rather interesting short article on Sports Nutrition by Nancy Clark, posted to, who deals primarily with cyclists, runners and… Continue reading »

Light Force Greens

We are proud to be an official distributor of Light Force Greens Buy THE most revolutionary supplement to hit the UK market to date. What are Light Force Greens? As someone interested in training, fitness, sport and health in general, I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy claims and massive marketing that goes into selling products.… Continue reading »

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