The Truth? He’s been Cut from the UFC… And

Blogpost looking at the aftermath of UFC 125: Resolution, a new MyProtein sale (use my 5% code MP51873), and Brandon Vera, also known as ‘The Truth’ has been cut.

My Favourite Whey Protein from Reflex

Like all of us, I have ?preferred? supplements ? supplements that although beneficial, are probably as good as or only a margin better than alternative brand product x or y. This article shows you the best protein supplements Reflex has to offer, a UK based supplement company, complete with where to buy and a free 5% discount code to save money on your order!

3 Essential Supplements you need at My Protein

…Many people ask me where to actually purchase supplements, what supplements I’d recommend, especially protein supplements, and why. This article shows you the 3 most essential supplements that can be purchased from a very competitive online supplement store in the UK. All I ask is if you find my writing useful, and you make an order, please use my discount code MP51873 which will givce you 5% off your order. Add JamesSchofieldTraining Twitter – @JSchofTraining for daily tips and useful articles related to all things training, supplement, fitness, weight loss and MMA wise.

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