Holy heck, UPDATE – UFC 133, UCMMA & Fusion Fighting

Wow, it’s been a while since the last update! I apologise, but frankly, there hasn’t really been a lot to tell. (Ok there has, but I’m making excuses, sue me.) Some things in the MMA world are now much clearer, as we all saw Fedor’s (final) fall from grace, with Hendo almost literally nailing the coffin closed, whilst simultaneously validating Dana’s stance of (effectively) f**k Fedor. Sad, but time defeats all, I’m grateful it was a good stoppage and we didn’t have to watch the Last Emperor take a pointless beating. For more on the Strikeforce card, – click here for sportsnet.

UFC 133 was also a pretty fantastic card as it turned out, with the undercard proving to be where the real attraction was, aside from the main event, Rashad Evans V Tito Ortiz. For mere seconds it looked like Tito might have a chance, as he went for a guillotine and kneebar, but aside from a few seconds, it was all Rashad. To say he looked impressive is an understatement, especially for a fighter with over a years break from the cage. One of the more memorable moments was Hallman’s speedo’s, to which Dana White showed his disgust by (aside from talking) he actually awarded Ebersole a 70k win bonus for ‘getting the trunks off tv as soon as possible. Good bonus if you can get it I guess! I’m not going to post a shot of the pants, because this blog doesn’t need it, but a quick google for Hallman’s trunks / speedos should show you all you’d ever want or need to know!

Paul 'Semtex' Daley

Paul 'Semtex' Daley

Hot UK prospect Paul Daley was beaten by another lay and pray artist in Tyron Woodley, though he showed some solid takedown defense and sprawling against an opponent who’s now 9 and 0. Admittedly, I haven’t seen any other Woodley fights, but what else can he really have to offer out of the standard American lay and pray wrestler default. I don’t mean to be scathing, because if I had to fight Paul Daley I would singularly look only for the takedown, but right now, Jon Bones Jones he ain’t. More at MMA Fighting website.

UK MMA has continued to grow in strength, with the first Fusion Fighting Championship being held in Gatwick on 25th June 2011, and great wins for many boys from the Nova Forca camp, including Ben Curd and Nathanial Wood winning their MMA debuts. (Ben winning with a Reverse Gogoplata!) Tim Radcliffe won his K1 fight whilst showing off some nice leg handywork, and Gregor Jankowski finished another opponent in the first round, showing an impressive head kick which was the beginning of the end. Another new promotion, World Fighting Championship (WFC) has seen Tim Radcliffe become a belt holder already, and the next Fusion event will be held at Epsom Downs on October 22nd.

UCMMA Reid V Barrett

UCMMA Reid V Barrett

In other UK MMA news, UCMMA caused a bit of a stir with their Alex Reid V Jason Barrett fight, with many people, including BAMMA and also Tom Kong Watson, calling the fight a fix. It had possibly the biggest hype circus to ever preceed a UK fight, literally being like the WWE for much of the build up. Reid even kissed Barrett at the weigh ins, that is of course after Barrett had spent a few nights chasing down Alex whilst he was out and about. I didn’t notice anything too suspect with the fight itself, but apparently weak pitter-patter punches, weak knees and Reid taking 10 seconds to adjust and close up a triangle meant many others were thinking FIX. The UCMMA card itself was a good one though but there’s no better report out there than Jay from Your MMA, so here’s his report – YourMMA.com UCMMA fight report.

Finally, Jimi ‘Poster Boy’ Manuwa passed up his UFC opportunity, after he was offered an October UFC 138 fight which will be in the UK. The main issue was that he hasn’t had a fight for over a year, due to injuries keeping him out of the game. Fighters Only have published a full write up here, we’ll see him eventually!

Light Force Greens last week, I hope you are enjoying them, and the performance they bring! See you all soon folks, remember @JSchofTraining on twitter!