Zuffa Solidifies Powerhouse Position as WEC & UFC Merge

Zuffa has announced the long awaited merger of the UFC and the WEC, arguably the world?s two premier MMA organisations. Zuffa has owned the WEC since 2006, when it purchased the organisation to stop potential competition as the WEC, VERSUS TV and the International Fight League (IFL) were poised to complete a deal. (Roy ?Big Country? Nelson was the IFL champion). The merger will happen in January 2011 as the WEC has two scheduled events still to show, Faber Vs Mizugaki on 11 November and Henderson Vs Pettis on 16 December.

UFC125 Resolution on 1 January 2011 is set to feature UFC lightweight champ Edgar taking on Grey Maynard, whilst WEC Featherweight champ and machine of destruction Jose Aldo will face an unknown opponent.

This brings the organisations together for the first time as the winners of Henderson Vs Pettis and Edgar Vs Maynard will face off in what must be the sports first real superfight.

Twitter was on fire as the news broke: (remember, follow @JschofTraining)

Miguel Torres ?Everyone wants to know my reaction to the UFC/WEC merger. I?ll show you my reaction in my next fight?

UFC President Dana White - UFC and WEC merge (Credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Dana White is now effectively king of the MMA world

Ben Henderson after his WEC 46 win over Jamie Varner by choke

Benson Henderson ?I was working out and just heard the merger news, cool? Objective is to merge wearing a belt? Pettis Dec 16th [is the] only thing I care about? BUT all you other cats in 155 you?re on notice, I?M COMING and it?s a lock now, always was a matter of when, now we know? Better train hard??

Dana White has said that 4 UFC?s will air on VERSUS TV in 2011, so hopefully here in the UK we?ll get them without it being a PPV as well!

Finally, this means that Zuffa now holds literally all the cards, as they have 9 of the top 10 fighters in the world on their books; the only holdout being Strikeforce?s Gilbert Melendez.

Personally, this is fantastic, because you UFC fans that haven?t seen the WEC are truly going to be impressed ? the WEC guys come to fight and consistently put on better cards than UFC shows, and we?ll be truly blessed to witness it!